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Dr. Dhermesh Verma


About Me

Dr. Dhermesh Verma, is domain expert in Remote Sensing & GIS applications for natural resource management with almost 23 years’ experience both in Govt. and private sector. He has managed several pioneer Remote Sensing projects in Soil Mapping, Crop suitability, Crop Mapping and yield forecast. Dr. Verma has worked in World Bank aided projects on Sodicland Mapping at cadastral level and regional level; Irrigation Impact Evaluation using Remote Sensing & GIS. Dr. Verma, is Chair for Pillar-1 of ASP of Global Soil Partnership program of UNFAO and a consultant to Agri Industry in India. Dr. Verma has considerable work in image fusion techniques, problem soil mapping, Open Source GIS, yield modeling and crop stress monitoring. He has many publications including research articles and books. His current research interest is Climate Smart Agriculture, Soil Organic Carbon sequestration, Land use/land cover change, Big Data and digital agriculture