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Dr. K.C.Siva balan

CREA, Trichy

About Me

Dr. K.C.Siva balan, Founder, Centre for Research in Environment and Agriculture CREA Foundation, Tamil Nadu has 15 years of qualitative experience across wide gamut of functions including farm technology transfer and training, Organising rural and women development programme, College level teaching and contemporary research. He was conferred with ‘Outstanding Agricultural Extension Scientist Award in 2019 and ‘Young scientist’ award in 2015 and International best research work award in 2014 for his work in vegetable value chain management. He developed ‘MITRA’ Mobile application for soil and crop management for small farmers in Tamil Nadu. Recipient of 3 copy rights, he is currently indulged in Patent work on Sensors technology in agriculture. He has research publications about mobile agro market advisory services, ICT for rural development and contemporary agricultural issues published in International and national level journals and magazines. With flair for scientific writing, he contributed 14 books, 20 book chapters, 26 research articles, 23 technical bulletins and 11 manuals. Endowed with passion for mass communication, he presents Farm Radio programme and also serves as an Agricultural consultant for progressive farmers and FPOs.