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Dr. Manoj Mishra


About Me

Dr. Manoj Mishra is serving as Head, Department of Mass Communication V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (UP) India. He has more than 14 years of teaching experience at PG level and 5 years of research experience under UGC Programme at University of Allahabad. He has published several research papers in reputed journals, books and articles. Dr. Mishra has trained in Science Communication and successfully completed several projects supported by NCSTC, DST Government of India. He has been actively involved to strengthen the scientific awareness among the society for few decades in the field of Superstition, Health awareness, Clean Environment, Ethnobotany and folk culture. He has been working on snakebite death and its relation with superstition in rural area of Uttar Pradesh, which has recently been highlighted by Science Reporter in February 2018. He has received several Awarded/Honors by Government, Non-Government Organizations/Institutions for his excellent contribution in the field of Science Communication. Dr. Mishra is a member of several responsible committees of Central Government /State Government organizations.