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Prof. Michael Fullen

Professor of Soil Technology at University of Wolverhampton

About Me

Professor Fullen received the degrees of B.Sc. and M.Sc. from The University of Hull, (U.K.), a Ph.D. from the U.K. Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) and a D.Sc. from The University of Wolverhampton. Currently, he is Professor of Soil Technology at the University of Wolverhampton. His research activities are mainly concerned with soil erosion, soil conservation, desertification and desert reclamation and his fieldwork is mainly based in Europe and Asia. He has published widely in Soil Science (as of March 2016, he has authored one book, 221 refereed papers, 217 conference papers and 26 consultancy reports). He is a referee for 48 journals and a member of the Editorial Board of 24 journals. Professor Fullen has jointly supervised 25 Ph.D. theses to completion and been Examiner for 25 Ph.D. theses. He has received research grants from over 30 institutions, principally the European Union. He is also Vice-President and UK Representative on the Council of the European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC) and Editor-in-Chief of the ESSC Newsletter. Professor Fullen is also WASWAC Vice-President, Councillor and Representative for the United Kingdom and was elected as an Academician of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.